Fridge Brilliance

Strangely enough this is based on  a true story.


Dabbling in Motion graphics and AE, plus the ending of Psych resulted in this. Good shit Psych is, and hopefully this captures a wee bit of Psych's idiocy. Above is a half assed attempt at the Santa Barbara skyline. Illustrator is also being explored, so the characters were done in the same. I didn't bother with the likenesses as much as I could have, but I'm starting to feel the love between After Effects and Illustrator. YAY FOR VECTORS!

Twice a Week Funk

Childhood Hero

Mine were dragons. ALways, in any size/shape or form.

Make fun of something
Making fun of my inability to do Parkour seemed like a good start. Also, doughnuts for breakfast are fun!

Backgrounds for A Film

Making a film, serious stuff. Eats up your mind, and your life for a little while. But so very worth it in the end. Done in PS CS5. Alas, I cannot put up the animations yet, because they are so very sikkrit :B