A slightly graphical form of storytelling.

Played around with the idea of surprise GIFs in comics.Unfortunately, I am not able to put in the dialogues right now, but the overall arc of the story might make sense. 



Medievalists meet Robin Hood

King Arthur and Robin Hood are buddies, yo
An attempt at lighting practice and drawing lots of forests. In other news, forests are hard to draw - do not draw things that have them.

For your consideration: A TH White / Merlin mashup

Also known as that time when King Arthur and Robin Hood met and went hunting boars in the Forest Sauvage. WiPs ugh. Now with vague attempts at lighting. And yes, King Arthur is Bradley James inspired, did the blonde hair give it away?

And if you haven't read The Once and Future King - do so! Magneto says so.


In which Gunjan draws things and then MASSIVE Stuff Happens

Two random things I drew when Neil Gaiman came to UDub, Seattle. I did not think they would receive  this much love, considering they began life as awkward doodles on a sketchbook.
Note to self: Carry sketchbook everywhere.
Also Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are awesome.

Neil comes to Seattle

And does not get a drawing I made for him because he is like a building escaping ninja-writer.

Be warned, for here be Dragons

"Her wings, fully-extended, were shockingly wide, and hovering over Arthur — soaked in blood, clearly flagging, his hair matted to his face — she was breathing outward, flames in an arc, as another half-dozen men with swords, already dull, froze, astonished."

An alternate version of the same, but with more trees.

Tonal studies

Where I sort of went nuts trying to colour this wee+evil animal, or as he is better known as: a kokaachi from l'imagination