Twice a Week Funk

Childhood Hero

Mine were dragons. ALways, in any size/shape or form.

Make fun of something
Making fun of my inability to do Parkour seemed like a good start. Also, doughnuts for breakfast are fun!

Backgrounds for A Film

Making a film, serious stuff. Eats up your mind, and your life for a little while. But so very worth it in the end. Done in PS CS5. Alas, I cannot put up the animations yet, because they are so very sikkrit :B

A promotional video made for Place for Change: a non-profit organization which works to connect people who want to make a difference with appropriate causes they want to support. 

The film was a joint effort between Manasi Parikh, Krishnachandran A. Nair, Troy Vasanth and I. Manasi Parikh and I worked on the pre-production  till the final animatic design. The animation was done by Krishnachandran, the film composited by Troy Vasanth, who also did the sound design. The coloring work was shared equally across the board.

The final work has been presented below, with stills from the film as well.

Trying out a different stye

Ever get sick of your art style? Well I do. Here's something different based on the old story of the frog and the crane.

Analytics Illustrations

Illustrations for articles on new trends in Data Analytics, based on themes like Managers being unable to deal with data, data scientists and new career opportunities in the field. Done in PS CS5.

There is a Nagri and it is...

Man, I've had this work lying around for so long, and I've just never got around to sharing the wonderful work the people down at BN are doing. There has been a load of work done under this banner, so let me be so kind and put it all together. What follows are some illustrations that eventually made their way onto posters and sketchbooks made by the fabulous Bechain Nagri. They're pretty awesome and they let your imagination run away with itself when it comes to the sheer choice they have in terms of book covers. Go on, have a look!

(Also the posters were at Comic Con! Man I feel so legit. )


And last but not least, some of the noice, 'appy people who thought my stuff worthy to buy :')
Bless you kind strangers!