In which Gunjan draws things and then MASSIVE Stuff Happens

Two random things I drew when Neil Gaiman came to UDub, Seattle. I did not think they would receive  this much love, considering they began life as awkward doodles on a sketchbook.
Note to self: Carry sketchbook everywhere.
Also Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are awesome.

Neil comes to Seattle

And does not get a drawing I made for him because he is like a building escaping ninja-writer.

Be warned, for here be Dragons

"Her wings, fully-extended, were shockingly wide, and hovering over Arthur — soaked in blood, clearly flagging, his hair matted to his face — she was breathing outward, flames in an arc, as another half-dozen men with swords, already dull, froze, astonished."

An alternate version of the same, but with more trees.

Tonal studies

Where I sort of went nuts trying to colour this wee+evil animal, or as he is better known as: a kokaachi from l'imagination