Sketchpens Rediscovery

Sketchpens are easy to colour with and easier to carry! Writing bad poetry is much harder though.

The bunny in the moon is mad
there are no carrots to be had
because they're with the sun
in a paani-puri bun
and the sun's making them go bad!

Watercolours and ink, because I have so much to do and so many ways to avoid doing it with. Notice the unanimated sheets flying into the distance :P

Sketchbook cover!! In white pen and black paper. Inspired from Grimm's fairy tales I used to read as a child.

Sketchery during chai. Sketchpanz.



jazzlamb said...

That is Sonali and Ramya, right? Niice:D

Gunjan said...

yes indeedy it is! thanky lambylamb :)