Trip to Mahabaleshwar

Live sketching at Mahabaleshwar. (New!!!) watercolours  on handmade paper. The damn thing blots like hell.
Gardener at Panchgani, where we were staying. All he did was sing songs, play with this kid and pull grass in the winter sun. He looked pretty happy with his lot :)


Strawberrieeees! And the nice trees in the wintery breeeeze! Look I made a rhyme!

Tamil lady at the resort. Got me very excited because I could partly understand what she was saying. (She said "romba nalla"). :D


Dipankar Sengupta said...

Nice work, gunjan sharma! keep up the good work!

Gunjan Joshi said...

Asankhya Dhannobaad, Dipuda. Aami incredibly grateful!! :P