Character Design: Quick uploads

Character Design workshop! We had two characters, a newly made king and a villian, we could take their personalities any which way we wanted, so of course my villian, the Handsomely Dashing Zebra had to equally dorky and useless. Who doesn't like useless villians who are full of themselves? :) The first ones are the nicest explorations, and finally we decided to go with the third one. Because he has HORRRRNS.

 The images below is more or less the final-ish stuff. Zebra likes to dance around fires and flirt with ladies who do not give him time of day. He is not all bad however and is really handy in a fight. He just happen o be fighting our Hero, that's all.

Our hero has pitifully few pictures of himself, because I haven't scanned enough pictures of him. Because I, you know, suck. :P But he is really fun, his name is Wildebeest and he has been inspired by the mighty Masaai warriors of Africa. He doesn't like to fight if he can halp it, he is drily sarcastic and makes silly jokes around the little kids of his tribe. 


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