Scenes from a Film

A small section from my classroom project. This is the first time we do an individual film by ourselves and attempt not to muck it up. That was pretty much when I decided to make it a film about two crocodiles who flirt with each other from across a building and do other silly things like that, because that's exactly the kind of silly person I am . It was hand animated on a lightbox, inked over in Photoshop with watercolour backgrounds.  I should probably add some character sketches later and what do you mean crocodiles aren't romantic

Anyway, with apologies to Cabin Pressure's Captain Martin DuCrieff -. Regarder vous, mes amis - la Crocodile!

A Slightly Tall Tale from Gunjan Joshi on Vimeo.


SAI said... does not sound NIDish! Great!!! :)

Gunjan Joshi said...

Lol~ 'does not sound NIDish' :D Flirting crocs really don't do they :P

Nikhita said...

hahaha! This is so funny and cute. I like the style.

Gunjan Joshi said...

Oh thank you so much! :D