Fan Post!

Yes, so all of my roots emerge from fandom - and since I have done little else but fan-art for a while, let me just pay tribute to some of my fandoms right here:

X files meets MIB meets Fringe.

The sketch was composed in PS, and inked in Illustrator after. I couldn't decide whether to do it in colour or in monochrome so I did it both. In other news, Illustrator is fun! Characters from left t right:

Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Agent K, Agent J, Lincoln Lee , Olivia Dunham, Walter Bishop and Peter Bishop (blue 'verse).

A wee bit of the original idea in higher resolution for y'all. The original idea stemmed from me wondering what would happen if Fox Mulder happened to meet the MiB. I mean, seriously - that's just asking for trouble. Or maybe he's already met them several times and has no idea :P

And a random coloured doodle of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr from X-men First Class (Roadtrip times) for your viewing pleasure. This was inked by hand and coloured digitally on PS. Done solely because the film was awesome. Now go watch ittttt.

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