SHELL's Deep Cleaning Initiative

A set of three illustrations required for Shell's internal “Deep Clean” initiative for all their sites in India regarding a focus on cleaning activities at the Gas Station sites. This was an internal campaign for Shell staff, Retailers and Site staff, which focused on cleanliness/housekeeping etc. 

Instead of three generic posters on cleanliness, I decided to create series of comics instead, which could involve incidents around the gas stations and be more relatable to the end viewers. 

The story revolves around two characters called Saaf (a broom) and Suthra (a mop) who work with the Shell employees to clean up a messy site. 'Saaf and Suthra' is a phrase equivalent to mean 'Clean and Tidy'. 

The original three were well received and eventually resulted in a fourth illustration centred around the theme 'The Saaf-and-Suthra' award.

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